Hi! 🙂

My name is Piotr Duniewski, for 4 years I’ve been a full time photographer, filmmaker and graphic designer at the University of Bialystok in Poland. Privately, I also shoot weddings, portraits and products.

Working in the university’s Promotion Department I took thousands of reportage, product, architecture and portrait photos – both for SM and national media. Large part of the photos was also printed in various forms.

Chosen photos in polish media

Chosen photos in print

I also prepared dozens of graphics for social media, created presentations, designed a lot of leaflets, folders, posters, rollups/banners and many more.

I recorded and edited dozens of interviews and promo videos with 2D animations. I can also record and edit sound. Occasionally, I also carried out professional live broadcasts. I can be a one-man film crew 😉

Chosen videos with detailed description

camera, sound and edit
camera, edit, animations
green screen recording, text readed from prompter

I also have experience working on the backend of various websites. Currently, I am a co-administrator of a new university platform, which is a multisite platform for the most important university websites. I am also a co-administrator of the University’s Public Information Bulletin. HTML code or simple changes in CSS are part of my daily work 😉

My tasks at work also include ordering and designing various promotional gadgets. I have a good orientation on the market of this type of products and extensive, proven contacts with companies and printing houses.

Choosen gadgets projects

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If you have any questions, please contact me:

+48 668 995 868